Jay Em is a North Philadelphia native who has always entertained her creativity with a limitless mindset. Her journey with skincare began in 2001 when she suddenly developed allergies to the ingredients in her deodorant. Her late grandmother, Jacqueline, who she calls her best friend, was no stranger to kitchen healing and herbal remedies, SHE WAS THAT GRANDMA and together they began creating what came to be the perfect formula for her sensitive skin.
After a while, Jay’s interest in natural healing progressed to creating skincare products for family and friends who struggled with Eczema, acne, and dry skin. What began as a quest to repair chemically burned armpits and to clear the dark marks that were left behind; later became FLOURISH by Jay Em.
With ingredients directly from her kitchen and a spiritual blueprint from a healing grandmother, she discovered that her healing mission had to be physically and spiritually driven. If she learned one thing from her healing woes, caring for your body and soul is a lifestyle, and healthy regimens are essential for both.
Jay confidently believes that “your glow begins within,” which is why each product in the FLOURISH line is created and sold for healing and improving the body from the inside out. Whether you're just getting started on your healing journey or continuing, here at FLOURISH, we invite you to become part of our family so that we can heal together.